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Hand and foot imprint

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В наборе: Гипсовый порошок, моделирующий гель, контейнер-форма, инстру...
В наборе: Гипсовый порошок, моделирующий гель, контейнер-форма, инстру...


Children are flowers of life! And life is filled with joy, laugh, fun, and boundless happiness from the very first its minutes. Life moves forward, and events are imposed one upon another. Thus, some moments can be lost in the chronology of history, while others have firmly left a trace in memory. In your power to increase the significance of events just by capturing them in associated objects that surround us. You take photos and store them in archives of photo albums in printed form or on your computer's hard drive so that you can open and look at them with emotional pleasure experiencing those moments again at any time. You have memorable souvenirs from the past at home which evoke a trip to the seaside or the first birthday of a child. All these subjects are intended to remind us that we should not lose contact with the past.

A set for creating an imprint of a hand and a foot from gypsum by the trademark Ideyka was done to provide a possibility to save the 2D model of the hand and foot of the baby and to create a simple family value without significant difficulties. There is everything for a successful result in the set for creating casts at home conditions. The resulting cast of a hand or a foot can be placed in a frame and hung on the wall and used as a decoration for the house, or you can create a unique gift for a grandfather and grandmother. They can buy a set themselves and ask you to make them such an unusual souvenir.

Make casts of children's hands and feet with your own hands due to quality professional materials. You will get a realistic imprint of the hand and feet of the baby from the strong gypsum (2D model) in the original shape and size. It will preserve the memory of your child's childhood which is more valuable than the greatest treasures in the world for a long time.

Save the warmth of memories. They will warm you even after tens of years reminding happy moments of the past which cannot be forgotten.