Zen drawing - Mandala of creativity (DZ551/560)

арт. DZ551/560
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Complexity 4
Size 25*25см
Number of colors 6
* Palette:


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Zen drawing The graceful peacock is a completely new and creative kind of creativity in the modern world! The whole essence of this therapy is the mystical contemplation of the inner and outer worlds.

Anti-stress coloring helps to acquire spiritual enlightenment and find answers to the most intimate questions. All our sets differ in the color range of natural stones, so you can choose a palette and pattern that will help to open all the colors of your soul and find harmony in yourself!


Aventurine attracts love to its owner, strengthens positive emotions and self-confidence, gives a clear mind and cleanses the head of extraneous thoughts.
Amethyst is a symbol of peace, sincerity, simplicity. Its inner energy helps to find peace of mind and inner harmony, to maintain health.
Turquoise is one of the brightest and most beautiful gems in the world. This stone, which has a luxurious matte shade, was considered a real talisman in Persia, which brings luck in victory - both over the woman and in the war.
Malachite - in the old days it was considered a stone of doctors and scientists, a symbol of the fulfillment of desires.
Gem - this palette was created for modern people who want to " live to the fullest", which are open to everything new, unknown and bright! People who are ready to paint with bright colors every day.
Ruby is a rock of passion that recovers lost strength, fills with energy, drives boredom, protects from fears, heals the heart and brains, gives strength and memory, cleanses the blood.
Topaz is a stone that can reveal secrets. With his help, you could influence others, subjugate people and uncover intrigues. Therefore, it was called the "psychologists stone".
Tourmaline - symbolizes tender love and hope, is considered a talisman of creative people, giving them inspiration, as well as it is able to take away the excess harmful energy of a person and keep in its owner youth, strength, and energy.
Amber is a talisman of people who are trying to establish ties with the past. It helps a person to establish the connection of times, to connect and synthesize them into the full picture, to draw the right conclusions, teaches accurately predict events.
Jasper is a stone that softens separation and reduces mental pain, and also protects from wits of wizards and ghosts. Also, there was a belief that Jasper protects a person from nightmares, fear, gives the opportunity to bring up the courage.

"Zen drawing -"Mandala of creativity " for your creativity. Made in Ukraine.

Size 25*25см
Number of colors 6

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