What is painting by numbers?

A PAINTING by numbers is creativity that has found a response among thousands of people of the most diverse age, lifestyle, and vocation. Such popularity this type of art has acquired due to its uniqueness - to realize creative ideas without artistic skills. You do not need to sit with a brush and a pencil in your hands anymore to create a real work of art. Having bought a painting by numbers, you will get an excellent opportunity to create an exclusive art that you will be proud to show all the guests! After purchasing the set, all that is needed is to paint the numbered fragments of the canvas with the corresponding acrylic paints that come with the set. This kind of creativity allows you not just to have a good time but also to relax perfectly after a busy day.

The set of Painting by numbers includes everything you need to create a real masterpiece:


  • a canvas of pure cotton with a numbered outline pattern on a wooden frame;
  • a set of numbered acrylic paints of bright, persistent colors on a water basis from non-toxic components. All the necessary colors are already included and do not require mixing!
  • Three brushes made from elastic nylon fiber;
  • the fastening for hanging the picture is already attached!
  • manual


Technology of drawing


  • Start painting from large areas and gradually move to small ones from top to bottom.
  • It is necessary to paint areas of one color from the larger to the smaller, and then move on to other colors.
  • Do not mix colors by numbers.
  • Close the containers with paint completely to protect them from drying out.


Painting by numbers has won recognition all over the world and give pleasure to people of all ages continuing to attract more and more new fans. Join now!

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