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Terms of cooperation for wholesale customers

We are manufacturers, therefore we can offer the most favorable conditions for cooperation.


  • Our advantages for wholesale buyers:
  • More than 500 scenes of paintings are always available in stock
  • Order assembly time is 2 days
  • Various sizes of paintings and packaging
  • Own production located in Dnipro
  • Flexible pricing conditions
  • Ability to order paintings with or without a gift box
  • Fast shipping
  • Own sales call center


Paintings by numbers are a mass product that will not get stuck on the shelves. Since the buyer does not need a lot of time to make a decision, paintings by numbers and diamond mosaics are traffic-generating goods.

For certain categories of consumers, it can be an impulse purchase product (it is those who are not used to planning gifts for the holidays ahead).

The largest chains of the country and the owners of small chains (Akvarel, Varus, Auchan, Epicenter, Metro, ATB) work with us. We invite you to join us!


Please read this information if you are wholesale buyers and wish to cooperate with us on an ongoing basis.

Wholesale is an order for the amount of UAH 3000.

Dear Customers, for all questions you may have, please contact your regional manager by making a request for a wholesale price list, sending an e-mail with your data and permits.


Regional offices

Center and South of Ukraine

+38 (067) 633 28 66

Kiev, east and north of Ukraine

+38 (067) 576 52 53

West of Ukraine

+38 (067) 633 33 25

International cooperation and networks

For international trade

+38(067) 631 78 79

Representative office in Poland

+48788 016 706



We will be happy to cooperate with you!