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14.01.2022 15:22
Купувала розпис по номерах різних виробників. Ідейка -найкращі, кольори відповідають малюнку, складність того варта. Деякі елементи були навіть менші за кінчик пензлика. Але результат чудовий, дуже реальні леви вийшли. Чудовий антистрес для багатодітної мами.
01.01.2022 19:08
Здравствуйте, сотрудники фирмы “Идейка”, росписи по номерам. Спасибо вам за прекрасную возможность обычному человеку почувствовать себя настоящим художником! Приобрела картину 40*50 КН 3070 и хочу поделиться своими эмоциями, которые меня переполняют при работе над ней! Никто не отвлекал, работала в полной тишине, настолько увлеченно, что время пролетело незаметно! Не могла остановиться до двух часов ночи и получила массу удовольствия. В нашем мире стресса и негатива ,такие занятия придают сил и душевного спокойствия, поднимают настроение и позволяют выразить свою индивидуальность и придают внутреннее равновесие. Еще раз убеждаюсь, как удивительно мы созданы Творцом, чтобы восхищаться прекрасным и жить в гармонии! Вспоминаются слова из Библии: «Радостное сердце-хорошее лекарство». Испытывая радость, мы менее подвержены сердечным заболеваниям. Восприятие прекрасного влияет на наши чувства и обогащает жизнь! Спасибо вам за то, что ваша продукция позволяет испытывать позитивные эмоции и продолжать быть счастливой, ни смотря ни на что!!! С уважением, ваш покупатель Анна!
14.12.2021 12:01
Хочу поблагодарить вас за свою очередную картину, которую заказала у вас! Качество, как всегда, на высоте!!!! Доставка быстрая!!!! Упакован качественно и надёжно!!!!!
Paintings by numbers
Paintings by numbers

Painting by numbers is a relatively new hobby in the modern world. This type of drawing gained such popularity due to its uniqueness: to paint a picture by numbers Ukraine one does not need to have any additional artistic skills.

Have you always dreamed of finding an escape for yourself that reveals your inner artist? Painting by numbers is a creativity that will bring pleasure to both adults and children. Coloring relaxes, frees creativity, and lets you escape everyday stress with vibrant acrylics and elegant shapes.

What is painting by numbers?
What is painting by numbers?

Painting by numbers has won recognition all over the world and give pleasure to people of all ages continuing to attract more and more new fans. Join now!

Quarantine ordering
Quarantine ordering

Dear customers!
Due to the large volume of orders, we temporarily do not provide consultations by phone.

Online store of paintings by numbers, diamond mosaic, sets for embroidery with beads, goods for needlework and goods for creativity Ideyka.

Ideyka is a unique online store of needlework in Ukraine

Creativity is a great way of self-expression allowing a person to reveal himself in the best manifestations. To enable you to realize the inner potential in the most appropriate way, our online needlework shop offers a wide range of sets of own production. Regardless of age, social status, and budget, you will find in our catalog products for creativity that will allow you to spend time wonderfully, create a real masterpiece, and surprise others with your creation.

What can we offer you? Each handmade work has its own individuality and is able to please for many years. Our creativity store offers exclusively high-quality and environmentally-friendly sets developed by modern technologies. We give each our customer the opportunity to choose the version of self-expression that is available to him by realizing goods for creativity in Ukraine in different price segments. You will find billets and materials as well as everything for children's creativity in the catalog of our store.

Painting by numbers

Painting by numbers is one of the most popular hobbies. This is a work that has found a response among thousands of people of all ages, lifestyles and vocations. Art has gained such popularity due to its uniqueness - to bring creative ideas to life without artistic skills. 

Painting on canvas has never been so easy and exciting. Our shop for needlework in Ukraine offers you to buy high-quality paintings by numbers - each of these sets has an exquisite packaging. He is also able to solve the problem of finding a gift for the fairer sex, regardless of her age. We guarantee high quality of production as at the production we carry out full control over each stage of creation of a set up to packing. You can buy paintings by numbers with full confidence that you will get the perfect set to implement an artistic idea.

Diamond mosaic

Diamond mosaic or diamond embroidery is a new form of creative art designed for people of all ages. Based on the same technique as painting by numbers, this practice uses tiny rhinestones, like diamonds, to create bright saturated paintings. Because these works of art are made of diamonds, they are very radiant and shiny.

Diamond mosaic also brings pleasure and relaxation when you teach and create your own masterpieces. Calculating diamond embroidery not only relieves stress, but also helps you to connect with your inner self on a deeper level and allows you to use your time, creating unique works of art.

Sets for cross-stitch, beads

A huge variety of thematic compositions is a guarantee that you will definitely find a suitable set. In our online store, cross-stitch kits in Ukraine are sold with qualified assistance in choosing the best composition. We regularly update the catalog with new products so that you can buy sets for beadwork in Ukraine, which will make the hobby even more exciting and interesting.

This way, you get everything you need to create an original home decor or a unique gift. In our store you can buy goods for needlework in Ukraine at an affordable price and get a lot of pleasure from creating an original masterpiece.

Online stores: Why we are №1 in Ukraine in terms of paintings by numbers?

We offer wonderful creative kits that go on sale in accordance with the new trends of paintings by numbers. Certificates confirm the quality of products - all products meet sanitary and epidemiological requirements. To competently choose and buy a painting by numbers in Kyiv or any other city, you can safely use the help of our staff.
We are located in the Dnipro. However, both in Kharkov and in Lviv, our online store offers original paintings by numbers, unique in subject matter and in high quality. Regardless of the location, you can buy paintings in Ukraine by numbers by placing an online application on our website.
The catalog lists the current prices, provides true descriptions of goods and writes in detail about the methods of payment and delivery. Deciding to buy a painting by numbers in Ukraine in our online store Ideyka, you can be sure of the absence of hidden margins. Our products are high quality, and the service is professional and transparent.
If you are looking for only the best, then everything for creativity you will find in the store in the Dnipro. Can't come to us? Make an online order through an online store - it's easy and profitable! We have affordable and reasonable prices.