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  • 1. What does the picture by numbers look like without a box?

    - The painting without a box is packed in a dense transparent film together with a colored A4 insert with the image of the finished work.

  • 2. Are there pictures larger than 40*50?

    - Our range also includes paintings in sizes 50x50 cm and 50x65 cm. The company does not produce large sizes at the moment.

  • 3. How are the goods delivered?

    – At the moment, delivery is carried out by carriers New mail.

  • 4. Can I order a picture by numbers from the photo?

    – Currently, we do not produce paintings from photos.

  • 5. Can paints be separately purchased?

    - Paints for any picture of TM Ideyka can be ordered by sending the necessary article, data and contacts of the buyer for feedback to the mail, or by calling 0 (800) 33 16 50.

  • 6. What if the paints withered? Is it possible to make a replacement?

    – If dry paints are found in sets of paintings by numbers immediately after purchase, you can order paints by specifying the required article, data for sending and the recipient's full name. Our company will exchange paints at its own expense, you only need to send photos of dry paints in open cans and send us to or to Viber +38 (067) 611-45-50. If the paints have dried up during the painting process due to improper use and the painting has already been partially painted, the exchange of paints is at the expense of the buyer. The production time for paints is at least 10 days.

  • 7.Do you have a retail store or showroom, is it possible to come and choose on the spot?

    – Our company is a manufacturer of TM IDEYKA. Our entire assortment with current availability can be viewed on our website. All orders are accepted through the shopping cart on the website or by phone 0(800) 33 16 50.

  • 8. What is included in the picture set by numbers?

    – The set includes: natural canvas on a stretcher with a gallery stretch. The picture contains a diagram of the contours of the image with numbering, 2 or 3 nylon art brushes, depending on the size, a palette of numbered acrylic paints in containers, a control sheet.

  • 9. How often new items appear?

    – We release new stories every month. You can see them in the "News" section on our website.